Preppers and recent media interest on Prepping

Prepping has seen a large spike in interest lately with several shows on cable TV networks currently on the air. From our own Phil Burns on “Meet the Preppers” to Doomsday Bunkers to Doomsday Preppers, interest in people preparing for hard times is at what seems like an all time high. Our recent post on Prepper coverage on NBCs Today Show is just one example.

The reason behind this increase is debatable with some contributing it to the hype surrounding the 2012 Mayan apocalypse myth. Others see a fundamental flaw in the monetary system which could cause widespread supply problems. Any one of these things could potentially happen, but for the most part, we merry band of preppers are just preparing for the unknown.

Regardless of how much the media attempts to marginalize or sensationalize what it means to be a Prepper, it really comes down to one thing. Whether it is a sudden lay off, a tornado, famine or the zombie apocalypse we know that being prepared for the worst will help us survive and thrive in tough times and we want to help others prepare too. UtahPreppers author Jayce says it well in this TheSpectrum article on prepping with:

“People need to know what they are preparing for and they want to help others when they figure it out,” Hall said. “People naturally want to share what they learn and we end up helping each other.”

What do you think about the recent spike in prepper interest?

2 Replies to “Preppers and recent media interest on Prepping”

  1. We are prepping because it is normal human behavior. We have been told for so long things are ok, but once you see a crack human instinct takes over. Thanks for the good work you are doing.

  2.   I think overall its a good thing,  While the media only wants to show the people that go all out on there shows, it moves the thoughts of being prepared into the for-front of people’s minds. You can’t ignore all the natural disasters that have been taking place, and makes you think about preparing something, just in case.  As well it shows people that might of already been doing some prepping that there not alone in there concerns and that there not weird or an outcast for it.  The more people that are preparing, even if its just 3 days of food and water will make it easier for the rest of us if / when something does hit.  I do have a few concerns about the media coverage, one of the bigger ones has to do with companies trying to make a quick buck by offering products that aren’t really what they clam to be and people getting them and not realizing exactly what they have. Like food kits clamming a month of food but at only 600 calories a day, that’s concentration camp levels.  But overall I think its a good thing.

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