Files for Episode 1 of Animal Planet’s Meet The Preppers: My Pink Gun

Some people noticed over the last couple of months that we had a few less posts appearing on the site. Besides the normal stress of work and the holidays, one of our more prolific writers (Phil) was heads down on a project he wasn’t allowed to talk about in public. You see, he’s been filming for a new preparedness TV show that just was on Animal Planet. Now some people, like myself don’t have cable (though Animal Planet was among my favorites when I had it). There currently isn’t a way to stream the show from their site, so I searched around until I found it on YouTube, at least for now.

If you interested in meeting some of the UtahPreppers, and missed it the first time it showed, check it out here. If you are interested in the show, make sure to set your DVR or tune in, and let Animal Planet you like the show!

I have no idea how long these will stay up, so check them out while you can. Watch “Meet the Preppers” on youtube.

Here ya go!

You can join the Meet the Preppers Fan page on facebook.

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  1. I watched the show thanks to my friend george letting me know. I liked it. My wife is kinda like phil’s. Look forward to number two.

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