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As I was getting for work this morning, like most mornings I had the morning news on so I can try to be up to date on those events that are reported on. As I was finishing up and getting ready to walk out the door, the Today Show on NBC came on following the local news. One of the first things they mentioned? The growing number of “preppers preparing for the end of the world”.

I made a mental note to look up the segment today and managed to do so during my lunch break. The short segment can be found here for your viewing pleasure.

It was an interesting piece and I have a number of thoughts on it, mainly regarding the way the media always attempts to paint preppers with a broad “extremist” brush. Rather than go into this myself I’d like to hear your thoughts?

Was the Today Show Preppers segment balanced?
For the few minutes that they had, did they provide a satisfactory overview of preppers?
Is it fair to call most of the preppers shown “extreme”.
Do you have any other comments on the segment?

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  1. Prepping news articles and talk show guests have really picked up since the Doomsday series has started. I thought it was informitive, but I’m looking at it from a “prepper” mindset. Who knows what “non-preppers”(those who rely on the government to take care of them attitude) think of it. I thought the end comments ruined the whole piece. Also the comment about the government encouraging us to have 3 days of food on hand and a 72 hr kit? I thought it was revised to 7 days because the government can’t react quick enough in 3 days to take care of everyone. That was a shocking statement. I am glad it’s being talked about .. hopefully it will get others to prepare and take care of themselves too.  I DO think it’s wise to prepare for the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT … not the end, but higher prices, increasing disasters, unemployement, food shortages due to weather. It’s just wise to prepare to be self reliant and not expect someone else to take care of you and your family

  2. The piece was sort of well done, with as little slant as NBC could. Yes they have some portrayed as crazy, anyone that broadcasts what they have is crazy IMHO. 

    1. Sorry folks, but this report is just the beginning… Follow this to the logical conclusion.

      You will see more reports like this, the reports will more and more show preppers as weirdos, social miscreants and then dangerous people. When preppers are deemed dangerous then law makers will have to act to keep another child from being crushed by a falling case of Wheaties…

      Preppers will be called hoarders. Oh yeah, that was illegal during the great depression and WWII, why I’ll bet there is already laws on the books against this evil hoarding. And then if the S does HTF won’t that be reason enough to come raid your homes so your helpless neighbors can be fed off your hard earned money and effort. And you’ll be drug out in the street in hand cuffs in front of reporters and then video of your arrest will be on the Today show.

      This article is not a good thing, in any respect.

  3. I’m still not sure how having three days of food can possibly be considered “preparing”. For a flat tire, maybe. It was interesting, and almost gratifying, that this piece did not talk in great detail about firearms and personal defense. That’s a critical part of preparing, of course, but it’s also a favorite way of making preparedness into extremism. That said, the fact that this piece also failed to cover medicine, shelter, water, sanitation, clothing, and all kinds of other stuff, pretty much earns it a failing grade in my book.

  4. I LOVE it. I wish I was as prepared. Getting there! All I can say is 72 hours is what people know It is what people have been taught and it is a start, not good enough, but a start. I do in home preparedness parties and I am able to talk to people about where to start and I get the message out there about being prepared for more then just 72 hours. People respond well to it because it is common sense!

  5. Thanks for the comments folks. I think the main problem with the media in general is that they need to sensationalize everything in order to try and get viewers.  If this means making pretty normal people look crazy in order to ramp up the audience, they’ll do it.  This piece was well done as far as the MSM goes, but there were little digs at the prepper community peppered throughout it, including at the very end with the comment that implied that if you have more than the government’s 2 day supply of food and water you must be extreme.

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