Shelf Reliance Developer Job

Our friends over at Shelf Reliance have been expanding, and they need another person to help work on their websites.  Of course, a company like theirs would be interested in the type of person that follows a prepper blog like this, so they asked me to pass this along.  If the skills fit, please contact them.

Shelf Reliance is looking for an experienced programmer to work on our company’s website.

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Shelf Reliance Special Event

Our friends over at Shelf Reliance (the people that make the amazing roller shelving all the authors here love so much) are having a special event this weekend, that I’ve been meaning to post for a while now.  You see, they’ve been selling awesome shelving, and a great line of food storage products for a while now, but they have decided to open up another channel for sales.  Yes, they are starting up their own “Home Parties“.

For those interested in maybe making a little money, or getting even better deals on some of the best, locally made food storage products, it might be in your interest to check it out.  It’s open to everybody, and they’ll be giving demo’s for people interested in how to use many of their products.

From their blog announcement:

The goal of Shelf Reliance Home Parties is to share the vision of preparedness and food storage with people across the country. There’s a certain sense of accomplishment that comes from building your own future while helping others prepare for theirs, and Shelf Reliance Home Parties is the perfect opportunity to experience this for yourself. Our great-tasting food and competitive pricing have made us a leader in the industry, and this new business opportunity will allow you to benefit from our history of excellence. Whether you’re interested in a career with Home Parties, want to host a few parties here and there, or just want to see what it’s all about, we invite you to attend and hope you’ll stay to chat!

When: Saturday, April 17th.

Place: Golf Clubhouse at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah

Time: 1:00-5:00 PM (1-3 Open House, 3-5 Launch Presentation)

Admission: absolutely free

Beginning Bee Kepping Class in Utah County April 17th

Beginning Beekeeper’s Class

Bee Keeping is fun and relatively inexpensive.

I took this class last year and obtained my equipment through Maple Mountain bees. It has proven to be a fun and rewarding experience for my family and I. The 60lbs. of honey we got our first year wasn’t bad either!

Bryan Esquivel of Maple Mountain Bees authored a guest post for us in May of last year about how he got started in bee keeping. You can find the article here.


April 17th (2pm-4pm).


1475 North 900 West Mapleton, Utah.
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Instructables Paracord Contest

One of our favorite DIY sites, is hosting a Paracord Contest. The grand prize is a Leatherman with a custom laser etched message of your choice. Paracord is one of the best gotta-have-some-with-you preparedness items. The inner strands can be used for fishing line while the outer shell on its own provides a strong shell for wrapping or weaving other objects. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Have a look at the Instructables Paracord Contest here.

Online Urban Survival Training

This post is an advertisement for a new business that I am building.   If you’re interested in Survival Training, especially Urban Survival, please read through this and see if you’re interested.  The goal of my new company is to work with Survival Schools and Survival Experts to provide new ways for top-notch expert training to get to those of us who can’t quite afford the premium prices.  I welcome any feedback on this idea/business plan as well.

As a bonus to our Prepper Network readers and friends, use the code “prepper” to get 10% off the class!


18 FEB 2010
CLASS DATES: 25 FEB 2010 – 27 FEB 2010

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Got Old Oil in Your Food Storage in Utah or Southern Idaho?

Want to donate some to a study on food storage oils at BYU?  I love food storage experiments, so you know I’m letting them have some of my old stuff.  If you’d like to help out the oil study, see the details here.  They are looking for vegetable oils that have been in food storage 6 months to 5 years.  Right now my oldest oil in storage is only 2 1/2 years old.  Bummer.  I’ve had older stuff before I would have loved to donate.  Anyway, contact Ann Saunders at BYU if you’ve got some old oil they can experiment on. :)

LDS Home Storage Center prices changing in January

The LDS Home Storage Centers will be changing their prices 16 January 2010. They will also be closed from noon on 19 December through 4 January. Prices will be going both up and down, depending on the product; so, depending on what you need, you might want to buy now, or wait until just after the new year.  Click through to see the summary, and to get a copy of the new pricing. Continue reading “LDS Home Storage Center prices changing in January”

September 19th one day Ham Radio class‏


The Technician license is the entry level license for getting started in HAM radio. The Amateur Radio Club of Utah Valley often presents one day courses followed by a test to obtain your Technician class license.

The next class is Saturday September 19th, 2009 on the BYU campus. Seating is very limited so if you are interested please read on to find out how to sign up.
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Final call for orders on water storage tank option 2

We are excited about those that have been able to participate in the high-capacity water storage tank group buy. We will soon have a lot more people prepared water-wise. The last orders for option 1 were collected Saturday. That option is complete. The window to submit orders for option 2 has been extended to Tuesday, 30 June. We will place the combined order the next day. Those that have already placed their orders should have already been contacted by the distributor to arrange for payment. Additional orders (between now and the end of the month) will be contacted after the order is closed.

The product is a high-capacity residential water storage tank. It holds 275 gallons (the equivalent of five 55 gallon water drums) and is being sold for $345 (includes shipping). The unit fits through a standard doorway so you can place it in a back room or a basement. Please note the SureWater tank also comes in a 525 gallon option. While we did not include the larger size in the original announcement, it is available for the same discount at $470.

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