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This post is an advertisement for a new business that I am building.   If you’re interested in Survival Training, especially Urban Survival, please read through this and see if you’re interested.  The goal of my new company is to work with Survival Schools and Survival Experts to provide new ways for top-notch expert training to get to those of us who can’t quite afford the premium prices.  I welcome any feedback on this idea/business plan as well.

As a bonus to our Prepper Network readers and friends, use the code “prepper” to get 10% off the class!


18 FEB 2010
CLASS DATES: 25 FEB 2010 – 27 FEB 2010

Have you been wanting to take an Urban Escape and Evasion (E&E) course from OnPoint Tactical?
The class where you’ll learn:

  • Stress inoculation (how to lower your stress)
  • Urban Survival Gear
  • Urban Caching
  • Urban Movement
  • Escape from Custody (escape handcuffs, other restraints)
  • Social Engineering
  • Disguises
  • Improvised Weapons
  • Lock Picking (doors, padlocks, etc)
  • Automotive Picking/Starting
  • Defeating Security
  • And MORE!!!

If you’ve been (or are now) dying to take this class, but can’t (or won’t be able to) convince your spouse to let you.

Are any of these the reasons?

  • It’s too Expensive!
  • It’s too far away!
  • It’s too much time away from home!

If those were any of the reasons you haven’t learned to be a lockpickin’, handcuff escapin’, social engineering master – we finally have the solution for you, but you have to act fast!!!

We have arranged an EXCLUSIVE Pilot Test with OnPoint Tactical that directly addresses the issues of time, money and distance for taking Survival Training. If we pull this Pilot off the way we expect to and it blows their minds with how successful it is – they’ve agreed to let us do it again – with ALL their courses!

BUT!!! If for whatever reason we don’t knock this out of the park, you won’t see this offer or one like it again, probably ever. Our objective with this course is to create and demonstrate a brand new way of delivering Survival Training to the world – so even if you don’t need it, pass this on to your buddies and get them to sign up so we can offer classes you DO need!

If you or your buddies have Time, Money and Travel issues keeping you from fulfilling your Training Dreams – if you’ve just been waiting for the right opportunity – then THIS IS THAT OPPORTUNITY!!!

You’ve GOT to act NOW to grab this opportunity for yourself and share it with your buddies!
Why do you have to act now?

– Because this rare opportunity takes place in exactly ONE WEEK!

Due to logistic issues we’re not able to offer a lot of notice on this – you’ve got to clear your schedule to take advantage of this Now!
Wondering how we’re going to solve your issues of Time, Money and Distance for taking Survival Classes? It’s easy – and it’s only recently that the proper technology has become available to REALLY do this right!

Here’s how Live Internet Training is going to solve these issues!

Money (the most important issue)
The regular class is priced at about $800.00 – IF you can afford $800 or IF you can convince your spouse to let you spend the $800 without causing a nuclear meltdown.
If that’s an issue for you though, we’ve got you covered!
We’re offering that same exact class to you for $350.00!!!

That’s right! You get the exact same class as those paying $800 but you’re going to pay $450 LESS!

Time and Distance (probably your most important issue)
To attend this particular class in person, you would have to get to L. A. the night before class starts – which probably means you’re dealing with flying and the Airports and TSA and that randomly-targeted-at-Survival-Man security shakedown.
If you don’t want to waste TIME at the airport, the rental car shop, driving, 3 nights in a hotel AND take 3 days off work to do it –
You can take the same exact class from the comfort of your home!!!

If you’ll have to take time off work to attend the class – it will be just 2 days – you won’t have to spend all that time traveling!

SO – let’s review.

  • You get to take the same exact class others are paying $800 for – for just $350!
  • You don’t have to travel and only have to take a minimal amount of (sick!) time off.
  • You SAVE $450!!!

That’s right! You’ll get to sit at home in front of your computer and participate LIVE while the OnPoint Instructors are teaching Urban E&E. Isn’t this exactly what Sick Leave is for? You’re supposed to stay at home, sick of going to work, and stare at your computer while in your pajamas.

But not only that, at the time of this email, there are only 30 openings left for the live class! We’re working on adding more, but you’ve GOT to move NOW!

If these are skills you’ve been wanting to learn – or if you just realized how much you need to know them – get one of the 30 seats right now!

Wait – there’s one more HUGE DEAL!
When you take Urban E&E Live Online, you’ll be getting over $150.00 worth of Urban E&E gear – FREE!!
That’s right – You’re paying $350.00 to take the course. You GET over $150.00 worth of FREE Gear! You’ll receive:

  • Lockpicks
  • Handcuffs
  • Car Picks
  • Training Locks
  • And lots more!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up right now to get one of the remaining 30 seats for this exclusive opportunity! You can save $450, take the class at home and get $150 worth of free gear!

Sign up right here:

Can’t wait to see you in class!!!

The Survival Training Center
Your Training School Solution

P.S. Send this memo to all your buds who would be interested in this! Help us prove that this kind of training opportunity is needed!

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  1. That's a crazy deal Phil, glad you posted it here. Based on previous discussions on what is taught here, I'm really excited to check this out. Best of luck in your venture.

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