Final call for orders on water storage tank option 2

We are excited about those that have been able to participate in the high-capacity water storage tank group buy. We will soon have a lot more people prepared water-wise. The last orders for option 1 were collected Saturday. That option is complete. The window to submit orders for option 2 has been extended to Tuesday, 30 June. We will place the combined order the next day. Those that have already placed their orders should have already been contacted by the distributor to arrange for payment. Additional orders (between now and the end of the month) will be contacted after the order is closed.

The product is a high-capacity residential water storage tank. It holds 275 gallons (the equivalent of five 55 gallon water drums) and is being sold for $345 (includes shipping). The unit fits through a standard doorway so you can place it in a back room or a basement. Please note the SureWater tank also comes in a 525 gallon option. While we did not include the larger size in the original announcement, it is available for the same discount at $470.

Please also note that these tanks will all be shipped to a single location in Northern Utah County. It will be your responsibility to come and pick it up. We are working to arrange a second drop-off location in Southern Utah County, but that will depend on the level of orders in that area.

Email Wade to participate with your name, telephone number, and a note regarding the size and quantity of tanks you want.

Please feel free to pass word of this deal along to family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. There is one week left. This is an excellent way to get your water prep done all at once!


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