NPS and Motorola PM1200 Transceiver

For those of you local to the Salt Lake City area, there is a great store called NPS.  They are located at:

1600 South Empire Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

NPS calls themselves a “salvage and freight recovery company”.  What that means is their inventory is always changing.  They’re setup with a department store layout, for example: clothing, electronics, house wares, hardware and even groceries.  Generally you don’t go to NPS looking for a particular item, but to see what deals they might have.  Most of their product is reduced from retail prices.  The prices range from being just under retail to steals of a deal, it just depends on how lucky you are.

We just received an email from NPS.  They have a Motorola PM1200 Transceiver they are looking to sell:

“I work for NPS, a shipping salvage company. We receive items that have been shipped and were lost in shipment. We recently received a Motorola PM1200 Transceiver, two way radio. It is new in the box and is for business and emergency bands only. It typically costs about $900.00. We are looking for anyone who might have interest in this equipment. We typically will sell for about half the retail cost. Please let me know if anyone has any interest or if you have a news letter where I could make it available to all who would read it.”

If you are interested in this radio, do a little googling for information, and head over to NPS.

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