Giveaway: Threat Journal Radiation Safety Kit

It should come as no surprise that the UtahPreppers site will accept advertisers to help cover the costs of hosting. It’s also nice when sponsors are willing to give out some of their products to our readers. So  I’m pretty happy that one of our new sponsors here has a little contest .  The Threat Journal is a free newsletter that focuses on different possible dangers to people in the US, and what you can do to be ready for those dangers. The newsletter covers a broad range of disasters, and discusses the plausibility of each. This should give you the reader a chance to become more informed about various dangers, and decide for yourself how likely they are to affect your family.

For the giveaway, the publishers of Threat Journal are having a drawing for three (3) radiation safety kits.  These packages are designed to help with the three most basic tasks you face during a radiation emergency:

  1. Detect
  2. Measure
  3. Protect

The NukAlert DETECTS elevated radiation levels and alerts you. The Radsticker peel and stick dosimeters MEASURE your accumulated dose of radiation. The ThyroSafe potassium iodide tablets are used to PROTECT the thyroid gland with safe iodine in the event radioactive iodine (I-131) is released during a reactor accident or nuclear detonation. Each package is valued at around $190 and will make an excellent addition to your preps.

Sign up for the Threat Journal here

To enter the drawing for the giveaway, simply sign up for Threat Journal using the link below or by clicking on their banner ad. The drawings and publication are 100% free.

The drawing will be held on May 7, 2012 and is only open those who signed up for Threat Journal via links on the website. Winners will be notified via email as well as announced on the site.
Each of the 3 radiation safety packages being given contains the following:

    • (1) NukAlert Personal Radiation Monitor and Alarm
    • (5) Radsticker Peel and Stick Dosimeters
    • (1) Box ThyroSafe Potassium Iodide Tablets (20 count, 65 mg each)

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  1. Cool giveaways guys. I feel like I have a lot of other preps to square away before worrying too much about NBC stuff, but a giveaway is always cool–and I could at least stand to learn something about it.

    Signed up–Thanks for passing this along. 

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