PLC Podcast – Show 15 – Gas Masks, HazMat and Quarantine

Every once in a while, we hear a bunch of rumbling on the news about a possible pandemic outbreak or a chemical attack like sarin gas or anthrax.  Sometimes the news talks about nuclear reactors having problems – like yesterday in San Diego.  These are real threats that could happen because of accidents, terrorism or simply an attack on us by another country.  What are you doing to be prepared for this possibility?   Most importantly, do you even know what you should be doing?

If you’ve already looked into prepping for these threats, you’ve likely discovered that there’s not a lot of straight forward and clear answers to questions.

Want to get some REAL information on Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Preps?  Have you tried to decide which gas mask you should be purchasing for your family?  Or wondered if you need to get other protective gear for potential quarantine and survival of a serious pandemic outbreak?

So have we!

We think we know a lot of the answers to these questions – but we decided to get it RIGHT!  So, we’ve arranged for Robert Goepp, a career Hazmat expert and instructor, to join us on the show.  Robert has done Hazmat work in the Military, for the Fire Dept, and for DHS and probably a few other places he can’t tell us about.   You can read a lot more about him here.

Come join us LIVE TONIGHT and ask him any and all questions you may have regarding Hazmat and NBC Preps!

During the PLC show, you can follow this link and participate in the live chat – and ask questions during the show.  You can also call us live and talk directly to Robert.

You won’t want to miss this one!  It’s not always easy to get a true expert in this area to talk to you.

Friday, February 3rd 2012, at 6 pm MST (tonight) the Preparedness Learning Center Podcast/Radio Show broadcasting LIVE with Robert Goepp of Midwest Safety Associates.

5 Replies to “PLC Podcast – Show 15 – Gas Masks, HazMat and Quarantine”

  1. Saw your first show on tv last night. I am hooked. Am making the burn wafers for Grandkids day, and ordering the suture kits. Could not find out where to purchase the gas masks. I need information and how and where to go to purchase the items we need. Thanks so much for your useful information. Would like to hire Gibson to go to our family reunion and teach the kids how to unlock handcuffs etc. Where can I buy handcuffs for all the grandkids? Thanks Karmen

    1. You can buy gas masks at most military surplus stores. Working filters are usually sold at military surplus stores as well. Try there.

    1. cuz i kinda already did and i hope its ok if not i can take it down but it really inspired me and really caught my eye

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