PLC Podcast – Show 15 – Gas Masks, HazMat and Quarantine

Every once in a while, we hear a bunch of rumbling on the news about a possible pandemic outbreak or a chemical attack like sarin gas or anthrax.  Sometimes the news talks about nuclear reactors having problems – like yesterday in San Diego.  These are real threats that could happen because of accidents, terrorism or simply an attack on us by another country.  What are you doing to be prepared for this possibility?   Most importantly, do you even know what you should be doing?

If you’ve already looked into prepping for these threats, you’ve likely discovered that there’s not a lot of straight forward and clear answers to questions.

Want to get some REAL information on Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Preps?  Have you tried to decide which gas mask you should be purchasing for your family?  Or wondered if you need to get other protective gear for potential quarantine and survival of a serious pandemic outbreak?

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Preparedness Learning Center’s Initial Podcast tonight!

Tonight will mark the official launch of the Preparedness Learning Center (PLC) Podcast on the Prepper Podcast Radio Network (PPRN).  PLC is one of my (Phil801) latest projects, I’ve been working on it for quite a while now and it is getting close to launch time.

I invite you to tune in live tonight (Friday, Oct 21st) at 6 pm MST where you’ll have an opportunity to get on the air with me and hear from a couple other hardcore Preppers – Kelly Alwood of Pipe Hitters Tactical and Kevin Reeve of OnPoint Tactical.  We’ll be discussing what really happens in a crisis situation, both Kelly and Kevin have worked security in several hurricanes, including Katrina, and have backgrounds working with a lot of bad situations.  We’ll also be discussing several current events that are important from a Prepper’s perspective.

If you aren’t able to tune in tonight, you can still download the show from iTunes or from the podcast page.  After show discussion will happen at as well as the PLC Facebook page.

Hope to see you in the live chat during the show!