Utah Self Reliance Expo

Jayce and I (Phil801) are running a booth for Utah Preppers and the American Preppers Network this weekend (Oct 7 & 8, 2011) at the Self Reliance Expo at the Expo Center in Sandy!  We spent the day there today (Friday) and met a ton of new people and had a really great time.  There are lots of vendors, several of them have some very unique and cool products – Jayce, Neybar and I all ended up buying a couple cool things that we suddenly realized we really needed! :)  We worked on getting group buys and deals set up for all of you with some of these cool products – look for those soon!  They also have several classes and speakers throughout the day – check the schedule on their website for details.

When you walk in, our both is to the far left and to the back.  We’re right by the Preppers Podcast Network and Survivalist Magazine – it’s clearly the ‘cool corner’ at the Expo!  If you’re at the show, be sure to stop by and say hi to us!


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  1. Hey Guys, had a great time at the Expo!  Definitely the event of the year, hope nobody missed out.  When you go to these things, you just have to talk to everyone.  I met so many awesome and genuine people over the weekend, both vendors and participants.  Keep up the good work UtahPreppers.

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