Suture Follow Up – Suture Kits and Instructions!

This is a follow up to my previous post on Suturing a Scalp.  At the Self Reliance Expo today, I spent the day with Dr. Bones of the Doom and Bloom Show and he just happened to be selling suture kits for a great price!  I showed him my post on suturing a scalp and he loved it, then he agreed to let us offer all of you his suture kits for his show price of $20.00!  Click the image on the right to see a much larger picture of it.

The kits come with a Needle Driver, forceps and a pair of scissors along with a sterile field, gloves and 2 sutures.  They also come with the step by step pictorial guide that you can see in the picture.  These are very nice kits and the price is fantastic!  If you would like to order them, send an email to [email protected] and let them know what you would like to order.  There will be shipping on top of the cost, of course.

Dr. Bones also showed me that he had a full instructional video on suturing – for entertainment purposes of course – that covers how to establish a sterile field, how to suture and how to tie suture knots.  It’s a very well done video, so if you’re wanting to learn check out the video below and then go get some pig feet to practice on (you can get them at most grocery stores in the gross meat section)!

Finally, my brother sent me a picture of what his scalp currently looks like.  You can see that it healed up very nicely and has a very minimal scar.

(click on the picture for a larger image)

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  1. This is a question:  We are buying about 1.5 tons of wheat.  It will be packed in five gallon units and sealed after a dry ice treatment is complete.  We will be using some of the wheat as seed next spring.  AND NOW THE QUESTION::Is dry ice treated seed still viable?  If not, is there an alternative treatment that people recommend/use?  Thanks

    1. Yes, dry ice treated wheat seed would still be viable. However, depending on the source of your wheat, that can mean it’s not viable. Some forms might be GMO and made to to be viable, other have been treated so they won’t be. The dry-ice treatment will cause no problems though.

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