Shelf Reliance is Hiring Again

Shelf Reliance Our friends at Shelf Reliance (makers of the great roller shelving, and the THRIVE food storage line) are hiring again. If you are a PHP developer and a prepper, this is a great opportunity to enjoy your work.  Check out the job posting here.  From what I hear they should have a SysAdmin job opening soon too, so if that’s your knack you might want to check into them too.


It’s always good to see a local preparedness company doing well, and I know I use plenty of their products myself. Looks like it could be a fun place to work.  Job details copied below.

Location: Lindon, UT
Salary Range: $40,000-$60,000
Employment Type: Full Time
Department: Admin
Description: SHELF RELIANCE is a company that specializes in food storage, storage rotation, and emergency preparedness products. Our goal is to help families prepare for whatever tomorrow may bring, allowing them to feel confident if disaster strikes. We believe in educating people on how to become self-reliant. 

Shelf Reliance is looking for a Web Developer/ Programmer to join our team. We currently are looking for somebody that has 2+ years working with php/mysql and is comfortable working on both front-end and back-end systems.

Qualifications: Required Skills

Experience with any of the following is desirable but not required
*Git Version Control or Subversion
*Test Driven Development
*Object-Oriented Development
*Understanding of Usability
*E-commerce experience
*Linux (our servers run Ubuntu)

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