Shelf Reliance is Hiring Again

Shelf Reliance Our friends at Shelf Reliance (makers of the great roller shelving, and the THRIVE food storage line) are hiring again. If you are a PHP developer and a prepper, this is a great opportunity to enjoy your work.  Check out the job posting here.  From what I hear they should have a SysAdmin job opening soon too, so if that’s your knack you might want to check into them too.


It’s always good to see a local preparedness company doing well, and I know I use plenty of their products myself. Looks like it could be a fun place to work.  Job details copied below. Continue reading “Shelf Reliance is Hiring Again”

Shelf Reliance Developer Job

Our friends over at Shelf Reliance have been expanding, and they need another person to help work on their websites.  Of course, a company like theirs would be interested in the type of person that follows a prepper blog like this, so they asked me to pass this along.  If the skills fit, please contact them.

Shelf Reliance is looking for an experienced programmer to work on our company’s website.

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