Humor: Mormon Hoarder Friends

Ok, Here in Utah we like to poke fun at our own dominant religion (of which I am a member).  One blogger had a great post today that I had to share with the Prepper community.  For those who are LDS, it’s great to laugh at ourselves a little.  For those not LDS but preppers too, well you’ll realize that your ‘oddities’ fit in pretty well with us.  Head on over and read ‘The Jet Set’ take on Why You Should Have a Mormon Friend: Hoarder Edition

For anybody who does have questions, come on back and read more.  And yes, the LDS Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) does actually teach to have at least a 3 month storage of regular use items, and has consistently taught that you should have 1-2 years of more long-term storage.

4 Replies to “Humor: Mormon Hoarder Friends”

  1. There is nothing more foolish than the ‘separatist’ attitude of the Mormoms. You are not different. Or clever. Or special. In fact, when TSHTF all of you will be up sh*t creek. Why? Because you were never allowed to socialize with the general population. In essence you do not have the skills to barter or even have a decent conversation with an “outsider”. God forbid that “outsider” is not ‘white’. Yes, I lived in the freak state of Utah with the dillusional, everybody on anti-depressants LDS. Somehow you are lead to believe you are better, well, just see how ‘better’ you are when the ‘other than whites’ come knocking when TSHTF…

  2. To “LDSvsWORLD” : Your assumptions are very broad in scope. You assume that “all Mormons do………..whatever…… blase , blase. is like saying that all Blacks love watermelon. Your vitriole makes you sound less intelligent. You might want to say “many Mormons”……. instead of judging and labeling. I am a Mormon myself and do agree that many people in a variety of religions are ignorant and think they are the “end all, be all” of everything. Not everybody is that way though. I think the Lord will start the sifting of the wheat from the tares from within his own church. Yes, I am a transplant to Utah and yes there are haughty people here, however, my testimony is not based on the imperfect people, it is based on my own personal relationship with God. Sorry your testimony is based on others and not on your relationship with God.

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