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Hi everybody, I’m Connor. I’ve been participating in the comments here for a while, and was finally convinced to dedicate some more time to this blog during last night’s meetup.  I’m a big fan of all things preparedness, and while I’m not the stereotypical rugged outdoor type, I try to dabble in enough things to diversify my talents and be adequately prepared for any potential TEOTWAWKI scenario.

I’m a web developer by day, news junkie and political economist by night (and those valuable lunch breaks!), and fill in the cracks with all sorts of other fun things.

I’m a Utah transplant, having grown up in San Diego, and got stuck here after going to BYU and getting a great job.  The beginning of my trip down the rabbit hole began after watching Freedom to Fascism a couple years ago at a pre-release screening in Provo. At that point in my life I was on a huge DVD kick, and owned over 450 of them. While watching this documentary I was prompted to really begin working on my preparedness—Aaron Russo, the director, provided me with a startling wake-up call. So, I sold half of the collection and financed the purchase of several buckets of food storage.

That, of course, was only the beginning.  Since then I’ve acquired more goodies and skills, and have helped others along the way. This specific niche (being a preparedness evangelist) has become one of my strongest passions; most everybody who knows me has received all sorts of emails and suggestions on things to do to become better prepared. No surprise, then, that I was asked by my ecclesiastical leader to help out on our congregation‘s emergency preparedness committee, right?

I’m a huge advocate of general preparedness—meaning, focusing on more than the basics we all hear about, namely, food. I’m the author of the water PDF document that rawlink posted last month and have found this to be a huge success in helping others learn the ropes in that field. I’m always looking for group buys, special deals, and other incentives to help others stock up on supplies and skills that they otherwise might not have thought of.

I tend to wax philosophical at times, so many of my posts will have this component included. Rather than talking only about the details, I like to focus on principles and best practices, and let people figure out what details work best for them based on a variety of options.

I think the other authors here would agree that this whole blogging effort stems from an innate desire to help our friends and loved ones get better equipped for what’s to come. The more people we help now, the more they’ll be in a position to help themselves and others who didn’t or couldn’t prepare.  In that sense, this community effort yields exponentially rewarding results since the (positive!) pyramid scheme of preparedness results in a larger sphere of influence.

I look forward to adding my two cents in here from time and time, and look forward to hearing from you in all the comments!

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