Organic red wheat at cost

A neighbor of mine just harvested red wheat on his family farm here in Utah and is selling it at cost. They had the wheat processed and bagged at Lehi Roller Mills. It is organic hard red wheat and priced at $10 per 60 lb bag. That is thirty-percent less than what you can get it for at the LDS Home Storage Centers. That’s 600 pounds for only $100! Contact Wade for more information.

Huge Pasta Sale in Lehi

photo credit: wagner campelo

In need of some pasta for your food storage? There is a massive sale going on right now in Lehi. Inside a not-yet-opened restaurant near Hutch’s Furniture (95 W. Main Street), an individual is selling to the public boxes of pasta he has acquired in a bulk sale.

Here’s the scoop: all types of pasta are 75 cents per pound. (Contrasted to average bulk prices of $1.50 to $3.00 per pound, depending on the type of pasta). If you buy 10 or more boxes (boxes are between 20-40 pounds), it goes down to 65 cents per pound.

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