Book Review: The Unoffical Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide

Our regular readers will remember that last year we reviewed Creek Stuart’s Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag. Today Creek’s latest book, The Unoffical Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide is being released and we were lucky enough to receive a review copy just in time for this review. Like Creek’s other book, this one is also full of useful information (see the page sample to the right). Let’s dive in and see what we have in store this time.

Creek uses details from the Hunger Game book series to illustrate specific preparedness concepts, such as specific situations with individual characters like Katniss or Peeta to relate the skills represented in that fictional scenario with a real world survival or wood craft example. I found this to be a fun and engaging approach for someone who is familiar with the books. This approach may have limited impact for someone who has no knowledge of the characters and why that skill was critical to their survival, or even for someone who only watched the first movie. However, given the title and the suspected audience, I think this has the chance to pull non-preppers in and give them their first exposure to these concepts.

Overall structure

The book is composed of nine chapters as outlined with some commentary below. Of particular note are the Quick Survival tips scattered throughout each chapter. They are one or two paragraph details related to the section that they are referenced in. These often provide a little more insight into specific techniques or tricks that can help if you begin practicing these skills.


Creek succinctly relates that our own personal Hunger Games can begin at any time, without warning, be it job loss, earthquake, tornado, etc. but we can prepare in advance for these events. He also notes that unlike in the Hunger Games books, we are not safe once we reach 18.
Also, practice is key. Katniss didn’t develop her skills in a few hours, rather long days over years in the woods. We don’t need to and often can’t devote the time to do that, but we can practice and learn new skills in our backyards.

One – Survival Mentality

Attitude is first and most useful tool. Without the right one, other tools, etc. don’t matter. It can also be your worst enemy. The wrong attitude can get you killed.
Creek also touches on:
Positive Thinking
Never Give Up
Adapt and Improvise
Prepare in Advance

After Attitude, come the Core Four Basic Human Survival Needs which are:
•Shelter •Water •Fire 

Two – Shelter

Various location considerations, like environmental hazards, looking at water flow, etc. when choosing a location.

Three – Water

This chapter boils down to two topics:

    Finding water
    Purifying water

Four – Fire

Foundations for a good fire
Fire starting material
Fire starting methods
Fire lays

Five – Tools

The most useful tool, a good knife
Flint knapping a blade
Fishing kits
Fire starting tools

Six – Finding and gathering food

Making simple arrows and bows

Seven – first aid

Various natural poultices, bandages

Eight – navigation, evasion and rescue

Compasses, other ways of finding north
Signal fires, trail signs, signal mirrors

Nine – Building your survival kit

A short explanation of the tools and equipment you should carry in your bug out bag.


An impressive list of survival resources grouped by category


I found the book to be a good introduction into various survival skills, along with helpful practical tips, usually in the form of the Survival Quick Tip sidebars. The tie in to the popular books and movies also helped make the book fun to read as it related particular survival skills to examples from the books. In fact, I think this is where this book will really make its mark; introducing newbies to the world of prepping. Many books on the subject have the tendency to turn off people who aren’t already thinking about preparing for emergencies. This book however has the opportunity to reach a whole new group of people who otherwise might not be exposed to these ideas.

I should also note that Chapter Nine is a essentially a very short summary of Creek’s Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag which I highly recommend. The Bug Out Bag book has very little in the way of describing practical survival skills, and the Hunger Games book barely scratches the surface when it comes to gear. This is by design, to keep both books focused on their core subject. Together though, the books become a great introductory guide on the key aspects of survival and preparedness in general.


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