Utah Gun Exchange: A KSL Classifieds Replacement

After the Newtown shooting last week, many people looked for a way to respond. Companies stopped offering firearms for sale online, and KSL joined them by terminating their firearms section in their online classifieds.

Within hours, a few friends and I launched a new Utah gun classifieds website. Called the Utah Gun Exchange, it aims to fill the void left by KSL’s decision, offering Utahns the ability to privately buy and sell their firearms and firearms-related supplies.

If Americans are to learn any lesson from the atrocity which occurred last week, it’s that more precaution needs to be taken. As we regularly advocate on this website, individuals should be prepared for any scenario, and have the appropriate training and tools necessary should an emergency occur.

Our goal with the Utah Gun Exchange is to encourage exactly this, and enable Utahns to network with one another and obtain the supplies they feel are necessary to protect what’s most important to them.

I hope to see you in the exchange!

2 Replies to “Utah Gun Exchange: A KSL Classifieds Replacement”

  1. SALT LAKE CITY — Permits wouldn’t be necessary for most people to carry concealed weapons in Utah if a state lawmaker gets his way.

    Rep. John Mathis, R-Vernal, is sponsoring H.B. 76, which allows essentially any law-abiding citizen over the age of 21 in the state to carry a gun, openly or concealed.

    Utah would effectively become a “constitutional carry” state if the measure is approved. That term refers to a state where carrying a concealed weapon isn’t restricted by law.

    It’s unclear whether the bill can clear the Utah Legislature.

  2. Do you suppose the criminals that pose such a threat in Utah give a crap about this Bill?? Hell no they don’t!! I would much prefer to see good, honest citizens carrying in the State of Utah, than to be unarmed, when I know ever low-life puke criminal has a firearm on his person, in his car, or somewhere close for instant use. Every Law written is only for the honest person and when you only have seconds the Policeman is minutes away!!! We had less percapita crime in the violent years of the mid to late 1800 hundreds than we do now. Then everyone was armed, women, kids, and men. Most criminals have cowardly tendencies, then as well as now!! They are only brave today because Damn Fools, like Kurt Eichinwalt, think all honest people should be unarmed!!

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