Searching for the Cure (Bacon)

My brother passed along a video today that fits right in here on the blog. As many people know, I have a long love of cured foods.  Bacon, of course, ranks at the top of my list.  Bacon, and country hams were an important staple for survival to people in the Appalachians for hundreds of years before refrigeration was introduced.  While I don’t have a setup for curing my own bacon (yet), this video sure encourages me to get that setup sooner than later.  This 10 minute documentary is about a man who run’s a business curing bacon and ham the old fashioned way.

As I told a friend, the subjects Appalachian accent is like a Barry White with the sequences of frying bacon and country ham.

Once you’ve watched, you’ll probably want to go buy bacon or ham from their site and then once you’ve tasted the difference, try to cure bacon on your own.

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  1. Now that’s what I call a good ol fashioned southern boy! :-) I lived in North Carolina for a couple years and it brought back some good memories to see him sitting there talking about all the food that will stop your heart. haha

    Curing seems like the quintessential survival food preservation skill.

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