Meet The Preppers: Encore Presentation

If you by chance missed out on the premiere of local prepper and UtahPrepper author Phil‘s show, “Meet the Preppers” (bio), then you have another opportunity this Sunday. Animal Planet is going to rebroadcast the pilot episode in order to test the ratings again. If you want an opportunity to see less doomsday, and more family practice, tune in and let Animal Planet know you want to watch more!

Meet the Preppers: My Pink Pistol

Mar 25, 2:00 pm

(60 minutes)


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  1. Wow! I came across this show by accident, and just out of curiosity I watched it for a while. I rapidly became sickened. Not only does the leader of this family have what many might consider to be over-the-top paranoid and radical ideas, he illustrates again and again throughout this episode how little respect he has for his wife when she tries to moderate his behavior and protect the children from being emotionally harmed. He constantly does things that he knows that she won’t agree with, including wanting the children to witness a pig being killed, and scheming to terrorize his children by kidnapping them. What made it worse is that he always wore a creepy grin whenever he was trying to force one of these awful proposals down his wife’s throat. Gave me the heebies. Seems to me the children need to be trained to survive their father. Preparedness for what may lie in the future is one thing, but children have a right to live in the now with joy, and parents have a responsibility to make sure they do everything to give their children this gift. I finally switched off when the father was lurking around the water park as a stranger in disguise in hopes of showing how the children could easily be lured away. Yuck. What a childhood memory for his kids. This was an outing that they had looked forward to excitedly. It is my fervent hope that their mother will stand firm and strong in protecting her children from what is happening under her own roof right here and now. 

    1. Wow Vicq….sounds like watching this show was one of the worst experiences of your life….

      I would hate to have been there when you found out Santa wasn’t real….


      p.s. great play by play!

  2. I recorded this and watched it last night.  I loved this show, and hope they film more of it.  I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a bit of a performance for the cameras and that maybe this was not an accurate snapshot of their everyday lives – kidnapping, water parks, and pig slaughter.  But eating cereal and cutting grass is not what people want to see.  It was interesting to have brought to light a more practical, “all hazards”, approach to prepping.  I love Adria, because she is the voice of reason when things go over the top.  I loved the quote where she said it’s a fine line between preparedness and paranoia.  I love Phil because everything he does is for his family.  He loves his family and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to them.  He was also very honest about his everyday struggles – the economy, the house that he hates, etc.

    1. I agree, the average tv viewer is not going to be interested in watching people eat cereal and cut grass. I think many tuned into this series hoping to maybe get some useful and practical information on preparing their own families for difficult times. However, instead, the viewers witnessed a father who seems to have over-compensated for his feelings of failure and loss by behaving as if he is the ultimate authority on how to survive anything. I believe he relishes the little games and drills he dreams up to put his family through. I think this helps him to establish his control, not leadership, of his family, which makes him feel important and worthwhile. I truly do think he loves his family, but he most certainly is not doing everything he does because he cares deeply for them. Much of his behavior is disrespectful, negligent, callous, and indifferent to the needs of his family. It was obvious to me that this was not a put-on or performance, and that it was a fairly honest and accurate depiction of their everyday lives. That’s what is scary and sad to me. To see what those little girls were programmed to say and do to gain his approval was awful. To see how he disregarded his wife and her needs and beliefs at every turn was disgusting. Geesh, could he at least build some storage in the garage for her things instead of building some display shrine to his guns which leaves them hanging as visible macho momentos, but completely and unsafely unsecured? Once again, it all goes back to his irresponsible ego.

      1. Dear Ms. Quirk, the bead lady, from Spokane.

        I am guessing that you don’t realize that you are on MY site ripping into me and drawing ridiculous conclusions about how I am in real life.  

        If you don’t like my show, that’s perfectly fine with me.  Although I’m curious just what feelings of failure and loss I am over-compensating for?  What exactly is it that makes you believe that my daughters don’t genuinely appreciate knowing that they are capable of handling themselves?  

        If you actually paid attention to the show instead of putting all your emotional baggage on me, you would have noticed that my wife goes on about how involved I am with my kids and her and that by working from home I’m able to spend a tremendous amount of time with them.  

        Here’s a link for you go look around and find out what I’m really about.

        You seem to think I don’t know anything about prepping.  Go click on the authors: phil801 link on this site and inform yourself before you go accusing me of something.  


    2. tvwatcher – lol of course it was a performance for the camera!  :)  We actually do all of those things, it just takes more than an hour to get them done.  Thanks for your kind words, I absolutely love being able to spend a huge amount of time with my kids everyday! I’m glad you enjoyed the show, hopefully we’ll be able to do more!

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