Preppers in the News

Recently there has been a nice uptick in news articles referencing prepper sites like ours. In just this past week, Reuters published an article about the “Subculture of preppers” that trended, especially after it was featured on the Drudge Report. The article did include well known prepper/survival resources such as James W. Rawles, editor of the oft-linked Survival Blog.

Adding to the news, our national affiliation APN (American Preppers Network) was one of the highlighted links in a Blaze article focusing on preppers as those “Stockpiling for disaster“.

It’s nice for larger organizations to see the tide of preparedness sweeping across the population. Many people are going back to their roots to find just how they can provide for themselves.

What is sad though is to see those among the comments that cannot understand a need for preparedness, or see preppers as simply another form of consumer to be swayed by new products. Find out what you need to be prepared for, and how a little provident living can help your family achieve the stability and security it needs.

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  1. It would seem less strange to those commenters if the articles weren’t written to make preppers out as zombie apocalypse people. It’s much more outwardly reasonable to store food against a possible job loss or weather situation than against, say, hordes of radioactive urbanite sheeple fleeing ground zero. That said, I actually find value in the recent spate of zombie apocalypse products on the market. It’s much easier to say “I’m buying zombie targets because they’re fun to shoot at” than “if I can hit the Q zone on a zombie, I may do all right against the fifth column.”

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