What Would You Do? Car Edition!

When disasters, emergencies, or accidents occur to others, they can serve to us as a learning opportunity. When the Herriman fire broke out last fall, we posted information regarding how to prepare for such an emergency. When a couple earthquakes struck just west of Lehi this past January, we posted how to prepare for that event, and what to do in its aftermath.

A family in my congregation just went through a grueling experience of their own. Their story can be read here.

Escaping your car

A few years ago, the TV show Mythbusters ran through several scenarios involving a submerged car, and passengers inside trying to escape. Read here for the results.

For such an event, there are two tools that you must have to be prepared. The first is a seatbelt cutter. Upon impact, your seat belt will lock up to secure you, and it may be difficult or impossible to disconnect or loosen the belt to escape. The second is a window-breaking hammer. Vehicle window glass is tempered to strengthen it; without sufficient strength and leverage, it can be very difficult to break.

Recommended product: $10 ResQMe, The Keychain Version of the Original LifeHammer

The above product stays on your keychain for quick access, and then can both cut seatbelts and puncture vehicle window glass with ease. Whether the accident involves becoming submerged in water, rolling the vehicle in an accident, a car fire, or anything else, you will be able to quickly escape your vehicle.

Staying in your car

A few years ago we had a really rough snow storm hit, and many people in our stake were stranded in their vehicles. For such situations, it is crucially important that you have in your car a “bugout bag” with basic supplies that will keep you going until you are able to be mobile once again.

For a comprehensive list of items you might consider including in such a kit, see this post. Review the suggested items, consider your family’s needs and life situations, and then acquire and store the necessary items in each of your vehicles.

Emergency Essentials has an automobile combo kit on sale here. I don’t necessarily recommend this kit (I prefer to custom build my own “bugout bags” so I know precisely what’s in it, what the quality is, etc.) but if you’re looking to buy something to get you started, it may be a good option.

If you have any questions or would like ideas and/or recommendations for specific items or scenarios, please let us know!

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