Another Water Tank Group Buy — Act Fast!

Two years ago, we organized a water tank group buy and received a good response. I’ve now organized another water tank group buy.

These are new (unused) food-grade plastic bladders housed in new/used metal cages. 285 gallons! And it stores in a lot less space than you’d think. While I’m aware of others having stacked their tanks three high, due to space constraints (and a lack of a death wish) ours are stored two high. I’ve now had mine stored in the garage for three years without any incident; I rotate one tank every six months.

This is a new food grade plastic bladder housed in a metal cage. Approximate weight when empty: 130 lbs. Approximate dimensions: 4′ H x 3′ W X 4′ L. Here is my setup (click to enlarge):

water tanks

The metal cages allow you to stack the tanks, if desired, and protect the hard plastic bladder. These are fantastic tanks because they have a cap on the top for easily filling them w/ your garden hose (or other source), and a spout on the bottom so that gravity is used to create water pressure. This is a far superior system to your standard 55 gallon blue water tanks, which are nearly impossible to stack well, and which require a pump to draw the water up and out.

Each tank is $295, and delivery is $30 per location (so if you order two tanks, you only pay one $30 fee). However, you must live within 15 miles of Point of the Mountain in Lehi. If you live further away and would like to participate in this order, please arrange to have your tank delivered to somebody’s home that lives within that distance.

These tanks are rarely offered for direct consumer purchasing that I’ve seen, and through many other outlets can easily cost double this price! See here for one comparable tank that is over $500! I haven’t found any cheaper than that. So this group buy is $200 off the lowest retail price.

Please email me at cboyack{at}gmail{dot}com if you would like to participate in the order. I will confirm your total price and provide you with payment instructions. The group buy is open through Sunday, June 19. Deliver should occur within three weeks of that.

Feel free to share this order with friends!

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