Saving Money By Storing Food Article

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Looking back on my list of things that I’ve “meant to blog” for a long time, I found a link I needed to share.  A friend of mine, and longtime follower of this blog, Erin McNew wrote an article for Yahoo’s Associated Content site about food storage.  I will of course take this chance to tease her for cheating on me, and posting to a different site, especially one that won’t allow for me to repost the content.  However I may tease though, It’s a great article written to explain to people how storing food is a sensible way to save money.  Something that most “preppers” understand, especially people usually interested in this blog.  However oftentimes people who wouldn’t normally figure themselves to be preppers, can still at least get back to some of the basics of previous generations.

Check out Erin’s article Saving Money by Storing Food for a nice introduction that could be very helpful in getting friends/neighbors/family to think a little more about adding to their food storage plans.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Jayce^! (is it bad if I can’t write your name without the ^ at the end?)

    Teasing is good, btw. I’ve decided that after that one post to Associated Content, I’m not going to try any more. Anything else I write, I’m going to probably just keep on my blog, and I’d love it if you guys would be up for re-posting :)

  2. Great article. Too bad they wont let you repost here. I know from experience that food storage saves a lot of money. Kepp it coming.

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