Amazing deal on shelving

Need a way to store all your preps? Ready to get your food storage off the floor? I’ve been dreaming of shelves for a long time but have always had it on the some-day list. Well, today’s your day. I just got back from Lowe’s and if you hurry, there are still some left. They have 48′ x 24′ x 72′ steel shelving units on sale for $49. These are the same style as the famous Gorilla Rack shelves. These shelves are normally $100, but you also have to pay $50 to ship them. Amazon has them for $132 with free shipping. Sam’s Club currently has them for $72, but you have to have a membership and happen to live near one of their warehouses.

Anyway, today, Lowe’s is selling the shelves for $49 and there isn’t a limit on quantity. Don’t be confused by the website saying the brand is Edsal while the packaging says Muscle Rack. Muscle Rack is simply a trade name. You can find Edsal’s products packaged under several names, including Maxi Rack. I spent a lot of time researching and reading reviews about these shelving units yesterday and I’m of the opinion that they are all the same as the Gorilla Rack. Time to get organized!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this deal on shelving at Lowes. I have owned these shelves for several years and they are great. I am in the market for more shelving and this couldn’t come at a more perfect time. I see the sale is still happening in my local area in Colorado so I will be making a trip tomorrow to load up on the shelves I needed. In a related note I saw today at my local Costco in Colorado that they had the Shelf Reliance sale going on from Dec 4th – Dec 12th I believe. The prices were very good. They have the 72″ Harvest for $269. There were several models there to choose from from smaller cupboard units to stackable pantry, and of course the large 72″ units. I had been meaning to buy these, but couldn’t see spending the normal retail price of $449 for shelving units. So this Costco deal is great. Something you might want to check to see if they happen to be running this special at your local Costco stores as well. Thanks again for giving us this heads on the shelving!

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