HAM discussion

Are you interested in learning a little more about HAM radio—specifically, understanding the “geekier” side of things?  Then check out this session at the Utah Open Source Conference: Exploring the Radio Frequency Spectrum.

From the abstract:

An in depth look at amateur radio’s effect on today’s technology. Topics to be covered will include the history of amateur radio, requirements for becoming an amateur radio operator, exploration of the technologies amateur radio uses, and open source tools that can be used in conjunction with amateur radio. Technology enthusiast familiar with the Linux Journal January 2010 issue will find this presentation a compliment to the amateur radio articles covered. This presentation is suited for technology beginners to experts, and those that would like to learn more about amateur radio.

Date/time: Oct 08, 3:00 p.m.

If you are a interested in finding out if amateur radio is right for you, or what other uses it can have in the modern digital lifestyle, this is a great class to attend.  It will not be teaching what you need to specifically pass a test, however, but will definitely get you started on that path.

Check out the conference website for location and other information.  Also on Saturday there will be a general get-together of HAMs.

Disclaimer: I (Jayce^) am one of the people running the Utah Open Source Conference.  It’s a collection of the different “Geek” groups in the intermountain area.

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