Do it now (refilling water storage)

Moving into a new house recently required me to empty my water storage. I promised myself that refilling it would be priority number one once we were in and had the beds set up. That was three weeks ago. Reading about residents of Iowa City lined up for bottled water this week made me realize how much time had gotten away from me.

Do you have empty water containers that need to be filled? Has it been a while since you rotated your water? Don’t delay another day. Do it now.

The large, blue tank pictured above is a SureWater tank that holds 275 gallons. The green ones are Reliance Jumbo-Tainers that hold seven gallons each.

4 Replies to “Do it now (refilling water storage)”

  1. I'm near that Iowa City area but wasn't affected. I do have all my 7 gallons containers full but still need to get on my 55 gal barrels.

  2. thanks for the reminder. Question for you. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t store water containers directly on concrete because chemicals from the concrete can leach through the plastic.Yet yours on on the concrete, so wondering if I have been mis-told?

  3. I think the concrete leaching issue (in regards to water storage) is a fallacy. I have searched and searched and cannot find any scientific proof that it occurs. All that I can find is people passing it along from someone else they heard it from. I don’t believe it’s an issue and keep mine directly on cement.

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