Crossroads Gun Show: January Meetup

Yes, it’s time again for a Crossroads of the West gun show (Saturday January 9, 2010), and I know several authors andCrossroads Logo readers here were planning on going.  With that in mind, I figured it’s a great time to have another meetup.  With this I think we should set two times, one earlier in the show to meet up inside, for those that want to discuss things in the show, and a second time, meeting for lunch.

Feel free to post up your own plans, and meet a few of the folks that frequent the blog.

My first thought is to have the indoor meet-up at 10am near the entrance of the show, this lets us all browse around, and hit the things we need to first.  After that, I’m all for meeting somewhere (I’d say the nice crown burger across the street for a Pastrami-burger with fries) at maybe noon.  Please Comment if you will come, and what times (or any differences in preferences).

I’ll try to make sure and have something noticeable so you can tell our group apart :)

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  1. Will you also be meeting on Sunday for those of us who have to work on Saturday and cannot attend the gun show until Sunday?

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