Preparedness Christmas: 25% off on Sanitation Preps

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How are your Sanitation Preps?  Do you have a bucket toilet lid sitting around?  Or one of those portable toilets?  That’s what I had until recently.  A few weeks ago I learned about a set of sanitation products that, when used together, provide preppers with a toilet solution that equals no mess, low smell and biodegrades all your waste for you!  Through a set of fortuitous events, I was in a position to arrange a group buy of 25% off all of their products and offer it to all preppers for Christmas.

Their system is called the GottaGo Toilet system.  It’s basically a cardboard disposable (after about 100 uses) emergency toilet that uses biodegradable bags and a microbial sand.  Once you’ve filled up a bag you can dig a hole and bury the bag – yes, bury it – within 30 – 90 days it will be completely broken down.  You can also burn your toilet once you’re done with it.  Basically you can go on a family campout and have everyone use this toilet system and not have to carry any of it home to dispose of it.


They sell the toilet, sand, bags and a privacy hut all separately or in one of several packages.   Probably the best all around kit to grab for your family is the Complete Toilet Kit which has everything you need but the privacy hut and is normally $50.

Also check out the smokin’ deal on their 3 Month and One Year Supply packages!

I’ve used their products and fully endorse and recommend them.  The group buy that I’ve been able to arrange is 25% off all their products through Christmas!  You can apply the discount before you check out by using the coupon code: prepxmas

You are welcome and encouraged to share this post, repost it, email it – whatever you would like.  There are no restrictions on using the coupon code!

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  1. Flint, it is rated at 275 pounds. If you look at the pictures on the site though, you'll see that it can clearly accommodate people who weigh much more than that.

  2. This looks and sounds ideal. I wonder what the “plastic” looking “biodegradable” bag is made from that can withstand “100” uses.

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