Reminder: Driving in Snow

With the recent storms, and onset of Winter conditions here in Utah, I felt it appropriate to send out a little reminder of things people should do to prepare for winter driving.  Please prepare before the storms come, so that you can be ready for the enjoyable experience that is Utah roads in the Winter.

Phil’s Series on Winter Driving: [1 (Prepping Your Vehicle), 2 (Gear Supplements), 3 (Driving Tips)]

Building a Vehicle Emergency Kit – Do you have what you need in your car if you were stranded?

My top things to always remember:

  • Never drive with less than half a tank of gas.  You don’t want to get stranded because traffic is stopped for hours, especially in a storm
  • Make sure your tires are in good condition.  The best thing you can do to make sure your car stays in the correct direction on the road.
  • Know your routes.  If you know a road isn’t safe, take some alternates that you know.
  • Have your “get home bag” ready.  You never know when you might be on the wrong side of a roadblock from an accident, or plowing.  Who knows what worse could happen.  Be ready to sit it out, no matter the conditions.
  • Just *having* chains won’t do you much good if you don’t know how/when to use them.

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