Utah Garden Planning Documents

A while back we posted on a series of classes that the incomparable Gordon Wells was teaching throughout the Utah Valley. Some of you may have attended and hopefully have started out on your first gardening attempts or are implementing his teachings into your existing garden.

A coworker of mine went to the same class last year and implemented it in his garden that spring. He was amazed at the results he was able to obtain just by following the simple guidelines laid out by Mr. Wells. He was so impressed that he created a series of three PDF documents that simply and quickly illustrate when and what to plant.

Quick Utah Gardening Reference Cards

The following cards make up a nice summary that you can use to keep tabs on your gardening work.

Planting Calendar

[download id=”5″]

This document details what you should plant or do month by month to maximize your garden’s productivity.

Preparing for the Season

[download id=”6″]

This time line illustrates what you need to do and when for your Spring, Summer, Fall and Next Year’s garden.

Garden Layout

[download id=”7″]

The Garden Layout document shows you how large a row should be, how to arrange spacing, how to lay out a drip system and how often to water many types of garden plants.

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  1. I'm looking for some video resources of Gordon Wells teaching garden planning. So far I only found very short marketing agreements clips while searching for “Gordon Wells” and I'm wondering if I could find his full course somewhere.

    1. Successful home gardening is his book he also sold a DVD seriesl. For some reason his website seems to be down. Gordonwells.net I believe is what it was he should be getting off his mission in anywhere from 6months to a year depending on how long they signed up.

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