Recall of SurePak MRE’s

Here is a case where the recent Salmonella contaminated Peanut Butter might affect us in unanticipated ways.

A Class I Recall notice has been received from Boca Grande Foods, that there is a potential Salmonella contamination of peanut-based products which were supplied to SOPAKCO, Inc. The recalled Boca Grande Foods peanut butter is packaged in 1-oz and 2-oz squeeze packets and included in certain cases of Sure-Pak 12 Meals. A copy of the Recall Notice is attached. Check it for the affected lot numbers. (You can also it from our home page) Check your emergency supplies to see if you have any of the recalled products, and if you do, fill out the Recall Notice.

from LA CERT website

Please be sure to check emergency supplies before using them.
Here is the official recall notice in PDF format.

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