Jordy’s Food Storage Christmas

I’d like to link today to a great post by a friend of mine, Jordan Gunderson. I’ve known Jordy for a few years now through our local geek community, and was ever so proud when recently he had told me about how his family had been dedicating themselves to getting their three-month, then year’s supply of food in place. He had obviously put in some good thought and research into things, much like any geek will do when dedicating themselves to solving a problem.

Well, also like a good “Open Source” geek, he’s gone and tried to share what he knows. First by starting to blog part of his process, and now even better, by making an offer to those he knows for Christmas. I hope more of us can be this forthcoming to friends and family, and I really hope many take him (or us) up on this kind of offer. Check out his offer on his blog: Jordy’s Food Storage Christmas. For somebody who is very busy starting his own business, in a rough climate, he’s making quite the offer of his time, and I know it’ll go a long way in helping those he cares about.

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