Family BOB Example: The Lances

A local friend of mine recently posted his notes about creating a set of emergency bags (BOB72 Hour Kit) for his family. It’s great to see a friend getting his family so ready, and even better when they can share such excellent information. In his example, I think he does a great job of presenting how he will get his young sons to carry a small part of their own gear, without overtaxing them. I know all younger families like myself worry about how to ‘carry enough’ for the younger children, and this example shows great thought in dealing with that concern. Check out the Lances BOB setup. Several pictures showing all the included gear, in and out of the bags.

My recommendations for James:

  • I think he’s identified several of his most important necessities
    • Cash
    • Important Documentation
    • Tent shelter
  • More documentation for the kids bags maybe. Info for anybody that encounters them if ever lost.
  • Towel, besides the humorous nature of the Hitchhikers guide recommendation of never leaving without your towel, a small one would be very nice to help in cleaning off. Hygiene is very important, and being comfortable is too.
  • A Map. Even Dora knows you need a map in the backpack! Even in a place like Utah where everything is on a grid with Cartesian names, a local map is very useful
  • Along with the map, a list of Name, Addresses, and phone numbers of emergency contacts, and your specified meetup locations. EG, if you must leave home, where will you go, how long will you be there. If something happens and you are at work, 20 miles away, what is your plan on getting back together?
  • Obviously, we can’t see what’s in your FAK, but it would be nice to review that
  • Some Crazy Glue, or Gorilla Glue. A small container will help fix a lot of things that tend to break in crappy situations
  • Duct Tape. Really. If the Crazy Glue doesnt’ fix it, the tape will. Take some off the roll, and flat-wrap it for space.
  • Wagon, your kids little red wagon, or a garden cart. If you are leaving by foot, have it handy to throw them, or your water and other stuff into.
  • Pistol. Get one, have it ready to throw in with some extra magazines.

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