Keeping your data safe

This post is a followup to the recent post on backing up your data on flash drives.  As stated, keeping your important data safe is extremely important.  imagesKeeping a copy with you, and in a remote location is required practice for me.  But keeping your data safe is much more than just keeping a copy of your data around in case of hardware failure, fire, or evacuation.  You need to actually protect the data itself.

Nowadays, people should be familiar with the concept of Identity Theft, and the threat it poses in your everyday life.  With even basic information about you, a fraudster can cause huge problems to you, now imagine if they picked up a nice little flash drive that had copies of everything from birth certificates to bank statements?  Of course you should be very careful with your nice little key fob, but you’re probably careful with keys and wallet too, and how many people lose those? Continue reading “Keeping your data safe”