Survival Book Review: One Second After

I’ve just finished reading One Second After
by William R. Forstchen – I received it two days ago – I couldn’t put it down.  This is an excellent book that I fully recommend every Survivalist/Prepper/Anyone Else read.  Seriously, this book is one of those that will help to open people’s eyes to just how fragile we are and just how stinkin’ hard it is going to be to survive TEOTWAWKI.

The book is based on an EMP event and most of the things in it are pretty close to all the research I’ve seen on EMPs.  The survival story is quite well researched and explored as well.  The book covers the time period from when an EMP event occurs to one year later and includes several of the same type of survival scenarios we read in Patriots.  The great thing about this book is that it makes you think broadly about survival and just how prepared you really are for it.  Reading it made me think of some areas where I can improve my preps but also made me feel that I was well prepared in several areas.  The saddest part of this book is the realization of just how bad it will be for the wholly unprepared, which is a large majority of our population.

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Preparedness Bookshelves

patriotsI’m not saying I have the Ultimate Book Collection or even that I have a complete collection of Prepper books, but I do have a decent collection of books on preparedness and Pioneer/Primitive Living (see the photo of my bookshelf) and I’ve read most of them cover to cover. I’m constantly on the lookout for good prep books and buy one or two a month to read. I love getting referrals to good books – whether they’re instructional, reference or fictional (prep based novels) I like having other people tell me what they thought was good/fun/valuable.

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