Seeds in food storage?

Lately it seems I have been seeing a number of survival blogs recommending seeds as part of your preps. Not everyone has the time, space or talent to have a functioning garden. But should that stop you from adding seeds to your broader food storage?

One item to consider is that seeds have a limited (and varied) shelf life. Some good information can be found here

I feel my own gardening skills are severely lacking and the garden areas at my home have been neglected in the two years we’ve lived there. However, after I do some more research, I expect I’ll be adding a variety of seeds to our storage soon.

Upholding the Constitiution

One of my favorite sci-fi writers recently published an entry in his column entitled “Upholding the Constitition“.  This is an excellent read, discussing the horrors of judicial legislation, and its side effects.  It also hypothesises on the need and ways we have to combat these actions.

His discussion becomes extra important as we look at the choices and appointments that will be made by the people we elect this next week.

Food Storage Wiki

The web abounds with various documents espousing information pertaining to the long-term storage of food.  With some time, and a good search engine, you can find posts in forums, blog entries, PDF documents, and even .DOC, .XLS, and .TXT files.

What do all these sources have in common? Besides having to search around to find them, then use whatever tool to search inside that document, it’s a little difficult to edit and republish if necessary.  But there are tools to solve that problem.  Welcome to the new Food Storage Wiki.  Do you know anything about preparedness, or food storage?  If so, join up, and help add that information for other people to find.

Let’s help other people have a good, moderated resource for learning how to be prepared.