Price drop on oats, rice, and milk

The LDS Home Storage Center updated their prices two weeks ago. I was pleasantly surprised that the prices have come down on many items. The most substantial discounts are bulk oats (-28%), rice (-35%), dry milk (-44%), and apple slices (-16%). Black beans (+29%), white beans (+10%), and sugar (+26%) on the other hand have gone up. So, if you have the means, I would recommend getting some oats, rice, and milk now. If you were planning on getting some more beans and sugar, you might consider waiting a bit to see if the prices change. I’d buy now regardless of the price if you don’t have any however.

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Hurry, Hurry! This is Hurricane Preparedness Week!!!

libertym16In a Masterful stroke of irony our fine, upstanding, and well prepared President Obama declared this week – specifically May 24th – May 30th to be National Hurricane Preparedness Week.  The mark of genius is, in demonstrating the Federal Governments continued efforts to be completely ill-prepared to handle anything related to a hurricane, he signed the proclamation and announced it – wait for it…….. on MAY 26th!  To recap; on May 26th President Obama declared the week of May 24th – May 30th to be Hurricane Preparedness week.

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Flash Alert: Clearance Sale at OutNBack

Out-N-Back in Orem will be having a huge 1 day clearance sale THIS Saturday!

Doors open at 9:00 AM.

Everything in the store will be a minimum 20% off with deals up to 90% off.

Snowboards 50% to 80% off

Winter Clothing 45% to 90% off

A flyer is available online here. (EDIT: removed as their site has been compromised)

I went to this sale last year and found some REAL DEALS!  If you don’t know, Out-N-Back is an outdoor gear retailer.

Flash Alert: Sears in American Fork closing

Sears is closing it’s store in American Fork. A fourth of the store is already empty. I was there last night and it appeared that everything was thirty to sixty percent off. I was able to get bunch of batteries and toilet paper. Their prices are higher than Walmart to begin with so I am not sure how much of a deal it really is, but even saving a little is worth a trip when buying in bulk. Other things I saw while there were tents, canopies, air compressors, tools, and clothing.