This is the full list of blogs that we ourselves read, or otherwise recommend to our readers.  Own one of these blogs? Hey, we’d love a link back of course :)  In time I hope to have a good introduction to everybody here, so watch as it fills in.

This is a work in progress, I have a large list I am formatting to put on here, along with OPML files.


The bloggers here represent an very wide range of beliefs.  From people who simply want to have something ready in case of a layoff, to people living completely off-grid lives, with minimal touch to society.  But all  of them can teach skills, or help you become more aware of something you can do in your life.


  • Warrifles – Discussions of Firearms, Survival, Politics, and so much more.
  • EDCForums – Every Day Carry forums, discussing what’s in your pockets, and what should be there :)
  • AVOW – Another Voice of Warning, and LDS discussion resource
  • Mrs. Survival




Understanding Macro and Micro economics is an important part of personal preparedness.

Personal Finance

One of the greatest challenges to any form of preparedness is having financial security


Because, not only can you not store a lifetime of food, nothing tastes nearly as good as food fresh from your own garden.



A “hill-o-beans”, or a bucket of wheat, it doesn’t taste that great unless you have some know-how.


Whether you agree with them or not, you can get a good feel of the direction of a group of people by reading some of these.  Also, it can help you get involved in helping your community more.

Tips and Tricks


Personal Blogs

These blogs usually relate to people that are into preparedness, but have another personal blog outside of that topic.

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