Home Gardening Course in North Mapleton


Saturday, February 7 – March 14, 2009 –

Be prepared to grow large crops of delicious fruits and vegetables in your own garden. In this six week (2 hrs. a wk.) course you will learn all the basic principles and practical gardening methods which make home gardening easy, enjoyable and productive: including varieties, planning, planting, soils, mulching, tilling, control of weeds, insects, and other pests, climate, watering, fertilizing, pruning, and fruit tree culture. You will come away with a “green thumb”.

The instructor, Gordon Wells, is the author of Successful Home Gardening, the 120 page textbook, which is free to all students. He has a Masters Degree in Agriculture from University of California, Davis and has taught home gardening for many years. (For questions about this class call 423-2655.)


Saturday, Feb. 7 – Mar. 14, 2009 (6 classes)


9 a.m. – 11 a.m.


1600 North Main in Mapleton

Gardening: Getting Ready for the Season

pottingsoilAll the authors on this site are avid gardeners and like any gathering of gardeners, we all have different approaches, best practices and preferences. This planting season will be the first one that we’ve had this site running so you can expect a lot of posts from us on our gardens! Each of us will be writing posts showing you how we grow our gardens and we’ll hopefully have some great guest author posts as well.

The New Year brings many exciting opportunities – one of the most exciting for me is the opportunity to start a fresh new garden! It’s hard to sit patiently by and wait for Spring to kick Old Man Winter’s behind so we can get out there and start turning the ground and planting. The best way to pass the time is to strategize: Are you going to plant more or different crops from last year? What plants would you like to put in? How will you lay out the garden? Are you going to use the same gardening approach as last year, or try something new?

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Prepping for Prepping

Prepping – it’s an endless activity that has few rewards, and those rewards often are not close in payout to the amount of time and effort that went into them. The interim rewards in prepping include not having to run to the store constantly to keep your food stocked. When you’re a Prepper your grocery store is in your own house, going to an actual store is akin to going to a warehouse to get resupplied. The other reward is great personal satisfaction and comfort in knowing that you are ready for anything – well, almost ready – there’s ALWAYS something else that can be done. The big payoff rarely comes for a Prepper – and that is when things get bad enough that you’re able to make it through it solely because you were prepped. This lifestyle, with it’s small rewards and rare big payoff, can be tiring – even overwhelming at times.

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Seeds in food storage?

Lately it seems I have been seeing a number of survival blogs recommending seeds as part of your preps. Not everyone has the time, space or talent to have a functioning garden. But should that stop you from adding seeds to your broader food storage?

One item to consider is that seeds have a limited (and varied) shelf life. Some good information can be found here

I feel my own gardening skills are severely lacking and the garden areas at my home have been neglected in the two years we’ve lived there. However, after I do some more research, I expect I’ll be adding a variety of seeds to our storage soon.